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MynDoc - Share documents securely - EN
MynDoc - Share documents securely MynDoc - Share documents securely


Collaborate securely
in cloud

MynDoc allows you to share documents
within your organization
and with your external partners
in a safe way

Upload your documents

securely and up to 1 GB per single document

Each of your documents is broken down into smaller chunks, and each of these chunks is encrypted for added security.

Share them

with your colleagues, customers, employees and friends

The personal and sensitive data stored on our platform are encrypted and pseudonymized as per current legislation.


in a digital and organized way

The service was developed entirely in the Cloud in order to offer you efficiency, security and scalability for your work.

Security and Compliance

Reduce the risks of data loss,
sending email attachments to the wrong people
or using unsafe services

MynDoc - Share documents securely

Public Key Infrastructure

MynDoc is based on industry-standard public key cryptography that has been thoroughly analyzed by experts and declared secure. This key sharing is based on RSA-4096 combined with a tree of symmetric keys.

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MynDoc - Share documents securely

Protect personal data in the cloud

MynDoc doesn't have access to your encryption keys or to the personal data you manage in your documents, so in case of a breach no one would be able to read the personal data in the documents.

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How safe is it?

MynDoc - Share documents securely MynDoc - Share documents securely

We have put in place everything that our experience, technical and technological standards, the market and regulations could express, with the aim of providing a safe service for our users.

Document encryption

The documents you upload and share on MynDoc are automatically split into several parts (also called "chunks"), and each of these parts is encrypted with the RSA-4096 bit encryption standard.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

In order to access the platform, together with the traditional login and password, it is necessary to enter a code that is generated through the Authentication Apps such as Authy, Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator.

Anonymization and pseudonymization

To meet GDPR compliance, we have encrypted all fields that may contain personal and / or sensitive data such as container name, document name, user's personal and legal information, document paths, events, tasks , the notification emails and, even within the software, the variables and identifiers move from one part to the other with encrypted values.

Audit and Log

Everything that happens within the platform is saved in technical log files (which we need to understand if there are any anomalies), and an "Audit" is attached to each of the documents you upload, which you can consult at any time, and which tracks all the operations done on the documents (opening, download, deletion, upload, etc ...).

We continuously monitor and update our systems to protect you, your documents and your work.


MynDoc - Share documents securely - Document containers MynDoc - Share documents securely - Document containers

Document containers

Create a container, collect the documents and organize them according to your needs (one per client, per project and so on). Each document cannot exceed the size of 1GB.

MynDoc - Share documents securely - Invite MynDoc - Share documents securely - Invite


Once you have created a container you can keep it private for you or you can decide to invite clients, colleagues, friends and work with them in an organized and non-de-structured way.

MynDoc - Share documents securely - Permissions MynDoc - Share documents securely - Permissions


You can assign different permissions to each user, thus organizing the workflow, visibility and operations on both containers and individual documents.

MynDoc - Share documents securely - Audit MynDoc - Share documents securely - Audit


Each action performed on the individual documents in your container is tracked and you can view the history of changes at any time.

MynDoc - Share documents securely - Calendar MynDoc - Share documents securely - Calendar

Security Policy

Define access policies for your containers by setting general or specific rules based on IP addresses

MynDoc - Share documents securely - Tasks MynDoc - Share documents securely - Tasks

Document viewer

View your documents within the platform, without the need to download them to your device

MynDoc - Share documents securely - Calendar MynDoc - Share documents securely - Calendar


The container is not only a place to upload documents, but it is also a place where you can mark and share the appointments and deadlines you think are necessary.

MynDoc - Share documents securely - Tasks MynDoc - Share documents securely - Tasks


Mark the activities to be carried out related to the container, track their progress and completion with a few simple clicks and assign them to the users you have decided to invite.

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MynDoc - Share documents securely
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MynDoc - Share documents securely
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Frequently asked questions

What is MynDoc?
It is a Cloud software that allows you to securely share documents with colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners
Why should i use it?
We have developed the software by putting some fundamental points at the center of our activities:
  1. Ensure the protection of our users' documents and personal and/or sensitive data
  2. Use encryption techniques that are validated and declared secure by industry experts
  3. Adopt the principle of Privacy by design and by default imposed by the GDPR
I already use other services to share files, how is MynDoc different?
The substantial difference with all other similar service providers is in the way we encrypt your documents.

Thanks to the techniques we have used, the documents cannot be opened except by you or by people with which you have decided to share
Why can't the documents be opened except by me?
  1. For each Account that is created on MynDoc we create a Public and Private Key (RSA) which is used to encrypt your documents
  2. For each document a key is created (called Symmetric Key) which is used to identify and open your document
  3. This key is encrypted with your Public Key and that of the people you have decided to share the document with
  4. In order to open the document you must have the Private Key of each account, for this reason only you and the people with whom you have decided to share the document can open it, no one else
Is it a service in line with the privacy regulations?
Of course, and we are constantly working to have a solution in line with the respective guidelines.

All data that belongs to you, such as your profile information, container, folder and folder names documents, are encrypted and are never saved in clear text
Is it necessary to create an account?
Yes, otherwise you will not be able to receive a Public and Private Key (RSA) associated with your Account and, consequently, it would not be possible to use the service
Do I have to buy the Public and Private Key (RSA)?
No, it is included in the subscription plan and we generate it for you upon registration
Where is my Public and Private Key (RSA) kept?
The keys are stored in a FIPS 140-2 Level 1 and 2 validated HSM environment, and we access the keys with our own Security Certificate
Do I need to do anything to encrypt my documents?
No, it all happens behind the scenes when you upload a new document. For you, the experience is comparable to the classic upload of a document
Are there any space limitations?
Yes, for the free plan we limit the space to 1 GB, while for the paid plan you have 100 GB available. If you need more space, contact us and we will make you a personalized offer

Do you need support?

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